U.S. aviation regulator bans select MacBook Pro laptops from flights


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I have this type of MacBookPro, however checking my serial number online the recall doesn't apply to my battery.

Are the airport workers going to look at individual serial numbers, or just blanket-ban the whole Mid-2015 MacBook Pros? The former seems unpractical and the latter seems ridiculous.

I'm not planning to go to the States anytime soon, but this would be a serious problem if I were. I can't travel without it due to work.

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Buy a Japanese computer.

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Buy a Japanese computer.


Um, which Japanese computer would replace a MacBook Pro???

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zones2surfToday  11:53 am JST


Um, which Japanese computer would replace a MacBook Pro???

The Fujitsu Lifebook WA3/D1 among others in the Lifebook line up.

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There are plenty of high quality Japanese computers from Fujitsu, NEC, VAIO, Toshiba (their protégé lineup for example), and even Mouse Computer, that can perfectly replace a MacBook, from a usage standpoint, and definitely from a build quality standpoint.

I never understood this weird Apple obsession people have. They make decent but very, very overpriced products that people buy mostly for that little Apple logo. There's nothing really appealing to them nowadays. 10 years ago, I guess they had really beautiful and polished designs, but now, under Tim Cook, they seem to care less and less about their designs.

Same thing can be said for smartphones and their iPhone series.

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Buy a Japanese computer

Too expensive for nothing.

ASUS or Lenovo are cheaper and better than over rated J Computers.

My sony Vaio can't start any longer won't charge and won't run on current.

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Best buy for a Windows laptop, check out Dospara.

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there's a Dospara in Sannomiya.

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If you said Dell I'd agree with you, but Asus and Lenovo? Lmao. Those are literally some of the cheapest looking and feeling laptops on the market. Compare them to the likes of VAIO, Toshiba Protégé, NEC LaVieZ, and... Yeah.

Your complaints about your Sony Vaio are oddly fishy.

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Bought a dospara desktop more than 15 years ago is solid like a rock, stop using it because if the speed.

The only irritating thing with it was the noisy fan.

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Dospara Sannomiya, Softmap Harborland both have good collections of used computers.

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Lenovo and ASUS might look cheap but price, spec and performance beat the J-computer hands down.

Sony, NEC have quit the pc and the few that a clinging to pc manufacture don't allocate the best brains and resources as their sales have dwindled and can't compete with lenovo and ASUS.

They are counting on past glory and a faithful dosmetic market.

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funny that FAA report mentioned a few computers but ONLY the Apple one gets the headlines! I suppose its the tall poppy syndrome!

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