U.S. funds software for Russians to slip past censors


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Any sales of it to Ukraine also?

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Any sales of it to Ukraine also?

It isn't being sold. It is given away so access to the internet is freely available. Until Russia controls every possible external connection, like China, Pakistan, NK do, they cannot block all external connection protocols.

Russia can pass laws to make things illegal, but software that uses commonly used protocols as tunnels with external-to-Russia endpoints, cannot really be prevented.

What China does is they block the secure versions of HTTPS (using TLS v1.3) and only allow the known-to-be-cracked TLS v1.2 and earlier. v1.2 was known to be cracked over 2 yrs ago, so nobody should be allowing it.

For even more security when you don't have to use commonly used protocols like HTTPS, use IPSec which is built into IPv6 which hasn't been cracked to anyone's knowledge today. Of course, nerdy people can do all sorts of other VPN methods by using mesh-VPNs (RetroShare, Nebula, Tinc as examples) or by having a friend outside Russia provide an endpoint using elliptical encryption ciphers for security. I routinely use ssh tunnels to systems around the world in this way. ssh packets have a clear fingerprint, but when used with key-based authentication, are considered extremely secure. Still, that fingerprint means that enterprise firewalls can block ssh traffic. The guys at BlueCoat have been doing this stuff for a very long time for govt customers. Only the largest enterprises would deploy Bluecoat stuff and I truly hope that dictators and fake democracies aren't allowed to be their customers.

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