U.S. scientists engineer corn to boost protein


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The new method involved inserting an E. coli bacterial gene into the corn plant's genome.

Gee....what could possibly go wrong?

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Liberal commenting on a science topic. Gee.. who could guess he would take the anti-science position?

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Food and animal feeds containing genetically modified organisms are highly controversial in the European Union, amid public suspicions that they carry a health risk.

I'm not sure about "public suspicions", but aren't the more serious concerns about the effects of cross-polination of GM crops with non-GM crops?

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This could be an important development for food supplies in Sub-Saharan Africa where corn (maize) is a staple crop. Increased protein in corn would ease the transition children have to make from breast milk to corn. Current corn varieties don't have enough protein to maintain growth in children, resulting in kwashiorkor in cases where no other protein is available.

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