U.S. senators call for close look at TikTok


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Well, if you saw current Rhode Island State Senator Dem Tiara Mack, twerking on TicTok, you do not want to take a "closer look" at that.

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Less we forget, China is a communist ran country. The less connectivity we have with the Chinese Government, the better.

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Is it me, or is American politics really, really slow. Congress has had people warning them about Chinese tech firms hoovering up American data for years. The CCP has banned Tesla in sensitive places for fear of spying but Chinese cars with the same sensors are roaming free in America.

Congress has (until Trump) never been able to make the CCP own their nefarious, assymetric war against USA and its allies, why? Is it because most of Wall St has money in CCP controlled companies?

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US can no longer hide the immense fear has for the Great Red Dragon of the East..

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Ridiculous. Plenty of US politicians on Tik Tok.....

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Banning TikTok would be a huge vote loser, particularly amongst younger voters. With inflation spiraling, Biden really doesn't have a any surplus votes to lose pandering to neo-McCarthyism.

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What Trump's been sayin' all along.

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