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U.S. sues Apple, publishers over e-book prices


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Not surprisingly...Apple's iStupid fans would buy iAnything just to be sure it has the shiny iLogo on it, even paying higher iPrices.

How in the earth would Amazon lose money on a file they allow it downloaded for USD 9.99? It costs probably less than 1 USD to have it stored and for the system maintenance, especially for files downloaded in the tens of millions range. On the other hand, I fail to understand how book sold by iSteal you Apple for their iPan, costs the same as the printed version DELIVERED to my house by Amazon... iWonder what is their markup on this?

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As a recent convert to Kindle I am highly pissed off to see rorting going on from already mega-rich companies to squeeze even more out of customers. Certainly makes you look at Mr Jobs in another light.

I can see the e-book industry ending up like the music industry. Back in the day when vinyl was how you purchased music an album was often a 12 X 12 inch work of art. Sometimes you'd get extras with them. I remember (and this ages me) an Alice Cooper album that came out clad in a pair of paper panties. Then came along CD's. Out went the artwork and the CD was produced at a fraction the cost of vinyl. But the prices just kept on rising. Now you download and don't get anything but the sounds and still they cost a fortune.

And so it will be with e-books. Once we reach certain level of mass of e-book users the prices will start to rise. And as hard copy get's harder or too expensive to purchase, e-books will become more costly. And eventually they will be no cheaper then hard copy is now.

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This is the new APPLE, MORE gATES lIKE!

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gaulloa - I hope you are not talking about Bill Gates...

Even if Microsoft software products are still crappy and buggy, Mr. Gates (and his foundation) is one of the world's biggest benefactors, donating hundreds of millions of dollars for good causes... That deserves respect, unlike Jobs, who never donated anything...

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I am not suprised by this at all. As SimonB pointed out...the consumer is getting less everytime but for the same or higher price. I am not a fan of the e-readers and will happily continue to pay for real books, ones that I can easily pull off the shelf whenever I feel like. By the sounds of it, real books aren't that much pricier than their ebook counterparts anyway.

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