U.S. telecom regulator approves T-Mobile/Sprint merger

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By Rob Lever

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In any nationwide industry, if there aren't at least 10 competitors, no mergers should be allowed.

I've worked for 2 telecom companies and been a customer to both Spring and T-Mobile. Sprint had very clear connections, but very little coverage. If a GSM device received a call while I was using my Sprint phone nearby, my call would be dropped due to GSM interference.

T-Mobile has more coverage and with modern technology, the voice quality is the same across all the networks, but T-mobile refuses to connect in places their marketing coverage maps claim to have service ... like Alaska and the OBX areas. False advertising is very common from that company.

If either company needs to fail, great. Their assets can be bought.

I've been through a number of corporate mergers in my career. My advice to anyone left after a merger - leave. Get another job ASAP, assuming your stock options all immediately vest.

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