USB key opens home files from anywhere


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Dropbox and Bento serve my purposes...

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@GDemmons: Right now they do...its called 'moving on'

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I love the Star Trek outfits.

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I love Singpore girls! I guess those gadgets will make hackers and other criminals go hog wild??

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How stupid is this product, just use teamviewer, hamachi, VNC, remote anywhere, loginme in... for free!!

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If your data's not sensitive, use Google Docs.

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You guys are not smart enough to protect yourself, it says the files are "ENCRYPTED", none of the sites that you mention that are free are encrypted, and can be deleted anytime. The website decides to close down, what do you do then? Think about it before you say anything.

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I doubt I'd want to leave my computer running the whole time I'm traveling half way around the world, and connected to the internet the whole time? Sorry, don't need my files that bad.

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Those girls can open my files any time!

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