Verizon, Google outline vision on Internet traffic


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The Internet MUST remain free and open! If it were to become "managed" it would undoubtedly over time lead to censorship, corporate control, a medium for corporate propaganda and put the emergency brakes on free and uncensored (legal) intercourse internationally! It would also nationalise (i.e. restrict the internet to a national agenda and exposure and exclude international access). It is IMPERATIVE that the Internet be left alone!

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Google had promised not to become 'evil'. Well, I think we're past that now... Once coin is involved and lawyers, no one is really safe

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the world apparently is not enough. They own search, safe browsing and my email. That there is no limitation in a company's mindset is the heart of this process, continuous profits even in the face of record profits. This is about being insane, not actual innovation

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