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Virtual reality girds for test in marketplace


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VR is here to stay. The Vive and the Rift launch in the next few weeks. Play Station's VR will launch next October.

I've followed the tech for three years and will put my money on the HTC Vive: room-scale, better tracking from day one, and it's already backed by experiences developed by NASA, Valve, and Lucasfilm (yah, lightsabers). Can't wait!

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Let's hope this is used for more than silly game-playing for kicks. The empathy training can be important, but what kind of abuse will this generate?

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We are in the midst of a technological revolution that is changing the very fabric of society, how we interact with each other via technology is at the cornerstone of the global change. Unfortunately, technology is not the only thing that is changing in the world we live in. We still have the rising threat of Climate Change and the ongoing issue of war in regions of the world, technology is not going to be the silver bullet that cures all of our ills. In the things that we (humanity) has control of, VR and AR may prove to give us insight into possible solutions to its remedy.

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