Want a job? Employers say: Talk to the computer


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Treating people in this manner is disgusting. Shows no respect for the job hunter. Disregards human dignity. I thought pre-interviewing over the telephone was a terrible interview method, however this is much lower. Respect people and your business will thrive. Disrespect people and in the long run, your business will no out perform.

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The issue here is that humans are social beings. 70% of our communication is nonverbal. Our face impressions are important.

Knowing the job is also important but most is learned on the job.

AI is still not flawless enough to justify a pass or not.

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AI, robots and automanis weapons are a threat to humankind.

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But its AI-based assessments, which rank the skills and personalities of applicants to flag the most promising for further review, still consider speech and word choices in its decisions.

So if you can satisfy the algorithm, then you might get the job - based upon one's choice of vocabulary (which varies from geographic region to region), rather than their technical talent that they bring to the table? Discrimination lawsuit just waiting to happen in 9...8...7...

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Disgusting. Unless you are desperate, never take a job with an employer who recruits like that. If they can’t even deign to let you speak to an actual person in the interview its a good sign that they will treat you like utter garbage when you are hired.

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Welcome to the MATRIX.........NOT!!

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Credit card companies do this when you apply online. When your details do not match up to your public records or have not been updated then you get an under review, approval or disapproval. This can be circumvent to improve your odds of approvals

There will be ways to game the system. It will probably be like a TOEFL or IELTS examination which will discriminate against some demographics more than others because of lack of knowledge or training to pass an AI interview. Then companies will start offering preparation courses.

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The issue is why just apply for work just once. This should become a hobby. Applying over and over and over again until until the corporation clearly states why the are not electing to hire her. Especially, after she has shown the strength of wanting the job. Don't give up, quitters never win and remember you are creating a better future with every application...

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Happy I have worked for myself these last 50 years. Feel sorry if this is what you have to do just to get a job.

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So if you sing all your answers to the AI, and the AI’s gut instinct likes it, should you continue singing when you report to work?

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I’m glad he failed. That’s shady.

tailoring his diction to include keywords he thought might boost his score.

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I think you should just hire anybody and have a few weeks or months probationary period. Some people will surprise you when given a chance. I am no fan of the lazy HR that now wants us to log in and input our data in each company website as they sit on their fat a$$e$ eating donuts and sending out rejection emails. I think these algorithms need to be made public and then I can use my AI to take the interview for me with your AI.

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As with all tech, it can be both a bad and a good.

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AI! Hmm!

Use such systems once reliable human cloning has been developed - no wait, then AI interviewing practice would become redundant too.

I wonder if AIs sees the bigger picture better than short-term blinkered views of insensible corporate entities which employ them.

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This is the very definition of dehumanizing face to face first contact.

The very meaning of in-person networking, for a new generations venturing into the job market.

It is a shameful brutal ruthless betrayal to/of Dana Anthony aspirations. Dana Anthony confidence,

It is flipping outrageous.

The bonding face-to-face interview, the introduction to the workspace, the value of HR teams fostering of trust and respect, meeting the team, creating a long lasting credibility to strong creative development partnerships.

Feedback is paramount. It is not about rejection, help Dana future ambitions.

If all is left to Arne/Anna the Algorithm. we all will fail to fully appreciate our own existence.

This is not business, it a bull something

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Companies that cannot be bothered to invest in a real interview regard you as a disposable resource. These are companies to avoid if you can.

If you are able to, develop skills/qualifications in at least one area to give yourself some chance. If you really are desperate, surf the net and scrape any info you can to game these computerised systems. They are treating you with contempt by using them - return the favour. It is unlikely to be much of an employer or much of a job, so don't bother if they turn you down. Treat it like a lottery ticket. Just move on to the next one.

Physically visiting local employers and asking if they are looking for staff may be more use. Lower paid positions often have a high turnover and employers consider reliable, competent staff to be like gold dust. Don't just be you, be a you-flavoured version of the perfect employee. A good temperament and attitude, politeness and attention to detail are genuinely valued by small business owners who usually value their relationships with customers that they may have known for some time. As large companies become ever more impersonal with computerised hiring, value the personal relationships in the small business environment.

I would encourage folk to consider working for themselves, even if starting in a small way in your spare time. It will mean longer hours for less money, especially at the beginning, but you avoid the meat market of HR and have a little more control over your life. It is not an easy ride. You don't get sick pay, holiday pay or a pension. But if you can find a niche and make it work, you may find it more rewarding. The best way of learning how to run a business is to actually do it.

Whether goods or services, try not to start with a large loan and avoid high overheads. You will be fighting repayments and interest. Start a little smaller and build. Use online services like ebay and etsy. Offer something slightly different if you can. Research the rules (health and safety, tax etc). Most governments provide information packs and some offer specific tax categories for the self-employed and sole traders. If you survive the first year, paying your bills and turning a profit, having worked every hour that you were not sleeping or eating, you will be on your way to a sustainable business.

It's not been easy for some sectors - small shops and holiday lets have been savaged by Covid lockdowns. In the UK Brexit has hammered the export market and restricted imports. But it is worth trying. It's not for everyone, but in starting your own business, you will certainly find out what you are made of.

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The only silver lining is that the lazy HR staff will be fired.

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