Wearable tech market bursting at the seams: survey


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Smart wearables is a daft term for these. they are all still pretty basic.

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I just need a simple step counter. No watch. No cell phone. No Hiro Camera strapped to my head. Thank You.

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Still don't see the added value of a device that does some of what your phone does. Early adopters or fools easily parted from their money? You decide.

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...led by Apple Watch?

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Shonanbb: "I just need a simple step counter. No watch. No cell phone. No Hiro Camera strapped to my head. Thank You."

Good on you. And yet I bet when you travel somewhere you carry this step counter, a cell phone, a camera, a watch, and all sorts of other gadgets that some people think an all-in-one gadget suits them well.

tes tes: "..led by Apple Watch?"

Yes. Despite some posters and others who simply hate Apple for the sake of hating, like gogogo, claiming it would bomb 'like the iPod did', iWatch has been and is becoming ever more popular and successful. It certainly was not the first smart watch, but it was the first to contain functions that a diverse number of people want -- such as the fitness functions and apps -- and it is what everyone else now is copying either because they're products don't have what it takes, or they are coming to the game late and don't have the goods to overtake predecessors, like Apple did. Pebble is a success story as well, but it's quite limited. Apple's biggest problem with the watch, for starters, is the cost.

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Think about it - how many people do you know wear an iwatch? It is a flop for Apple yet their media machine is trying everything it can to convince you it is not.

"Smart" investors have shorted the stock.

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I just need a simple step counter. No watch. No cell phone. No Hiro Camera strapped to my head. Thank You.

You should check out the Withings Activité. It looks like a regular watch from the exterior, but tracks your steps and other metrics. Quite good looking to boot!

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If we're going to micro devices with fewer functions, how about a Smart Fly, which tells you when it's open. It would be useful for both the elderly and the spacey.

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smart monocle , smart bottle, smart glasses, smart tie, smart pants, anything goes, all as useless as possible.

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smart monocle , smart bottle, smart glasses

I like the idea of smart glasses if they could do facial recognition and tell me the name of the person standing in front of me.

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Fad gadgets of little value.

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It's Google Glass all over again. Companies desperate to know where you go and what you do so they can track your every movement and action and sell it to advertisers or governments. Will the sheep wake up though?

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