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Wearable tech market surge led by new gadgets


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a lot of this is junk, like Google Glass. Solutions looking for a problem. Like drug companies with marketing to match

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And that market is led by Apple, of course.

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I really want to hate the Apple Watch, but lately I have been deliberately trying to avoid buying one, and the market seems to be doing everything in its power to prevent me buying anything else.

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Wearable tech? Y'mean, like, clothes?

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Fitness tracker maker Fitbit maintained the top spot with a 22.2% market share and unit sales of 4.7 million, according to IDC.

The top wearable tech gadget in the world is Fitbit.

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The wearable technology for the consumer market is still very limited beside the smartwatch and fitness applications.

Most of the new – latest products do not pass pre-screening if you ask (yourself) the following questions:

Does this solve a problem that real people have? Is the market opportunity compelling enough? Can it do better than anything else?

However, I am convinced that we will see some very interesting new applications products (professional and gadgets) in the next few years. Military forces and medical professionals have been using wearable technology for decades.

Here is what a big Swiss bank is thinking about wearable technology:


Thank you for the very interesting post.

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When are they going to start selling the belt Dynamo wore as a T.H.U.N.D.E.R. agent that gives you the ability to leap hundreds of feet into the air, and survive a direct hit from bullets? I want one of them...

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