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Web inventor has an ambitious plan to take back the net


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The horse as left the barn.

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I remember when the Internet was growing we all though we'd be in a new golden age where anyone can get any information at anytime and everyone will be super smart and informed. How ironic how things turned out, with misinformation being more prominent than ever and it's even easier to find communities that accept the nonsense and encourage each other to disregard "fake news".

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seeks commitments from governments and industry to make and keep knowledge freely available 

This is like asking a fox to promise never to eat the chickens. The biggest threat to the net is governments and super-sized corporations in bed with those governments. Their commitments are empty promises, even if they offer them.

The solution is to press faster toward decentralization. Blockchain was a first step. Access needs to be decentralized as well via a multitude of local networks, satellites, and device to device connections. Otherwise, governments will shut off the tap, as many already are.

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The world, never mind the internet, will not get better nor the lives of the majority see any improvement until many more corrupt, oppressive government leaders, ministers and officials and their corporation enablers and henchmen are banged up in prison to serve LONG custodial sentences. Is this rocket science, or is it democracy?

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He should file for a retroactive patent, giving him. total control of the internet

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Internet remains just a tool.

I am glad to live in a country where censorship is non existent (that is not Japan sorry).

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