Western Union international money transfer service now available at FamilyMart stores


Western Union Money Transfer Services is now available at 8,700 Family Mart Stores in Japan under an agreement between Densan System Co Ltd, FamilyMart Co Ltd and Co Ltd, and the Western Union Co.

This service which allows the sender to set the amount of transaction freely without setting up a bank account at multimedia device at convenience stores will be the very first in Japan.

Western Union’s international money transfer service at convenience store was developed by DSK and undertakes the service planning and management of multimedia device FamiPort installed in FamilyMart stores. Western Union Money Transfer Services to more than 437,000 Agent locations across 200 countries and territories will be offered via the FamiPort kiosk located at FamilyMart convenience stores.

The FamiPort kiosk international money transfer channel is the first to be activated across the Asia-Pacific region and is all designed to make it easier for consumers to access these services daily between 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at a convenient FamilyMart location.

・No setting up of account necessary (Pre-registration free of charge will be necessary URL: ・Transaction amount can be set freely by the sender (up to the maximum transferrable amount of 100,000 yen) ・Service hours is 09:00~21:00 all year (Excluding service maintenance period) ・FamiPort screen can be displayed in 4 languages (Japanese, English Chinese and Tagalog) ・Transfer fees are lower if sending money to the Philippines, China and South Korea (for transaction amount above 50,001 yen) ・Money can be received at more than 437,000 locations, covering more than 200 countries and territories around the world within minutes.

For details and registration: For customer service -- Densan System International Money Transfer Support Center, available in Japanese, English Chinese and Tagalog toll-free: 0120-3630-44 (9:00 – 22:00, 7 days a week) or email info@wu-moneytransfer.com3

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Um, can't you just go on line and transfer money?

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To "trans fer money" online, you need to set up certain things.... e.g. make a cr edit card account in order to use Pay Pal etc.; set up bank accounts in different countries to use internet banking, etc etc...

The users of this Western Union ser vice obv iously can not or do not want to do all that.

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Just in time! That sweet Russian lady who has been emailing me so frequently is getting insistent....

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・Transfer fees are lower if sending money to the Philippines, China and South Korea (for transaction amount above 50,001 yen)

Ahhh, the Phillipines gets a discount. I wonder why.

We need this service. Unfortunately it won't be long till someone messes it up for everybody. Now I'll try to be tactful here. There are certain groups that defraud men all the time. Once you transfer the money it's gone.

I think MEN need some more protection from women who would lie and fraudulently con men out of their money. Western Union will be used for that.

You can bet that we'll be reading about such stories right here on JT.

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According to the website:

After payment, the cashier will give you a receipt with a MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number).

So the money transfer security is already compromised, since the MTCN can be seen by the cashier, and maybe some other buyers in the store.

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About time. Let's hope this will not get interrupted.

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Xoom is cheaper (i.e. less than $5 USD transfer fee to Germany, and the exchange rates are very good)

How to Send Money Internationally with Xoom (not available in Japan, but...):

Your recipient can receive cash in local currency or US dollars or in many countries can have the money deposited to their bank account or have it delivered to their home. has relationships with banks and money transfer payout partners to provide a secure and fast means of sending customer's money. With these bank and money transfer payout partners, customers can send money to thousands of cash pickup locations around the world.

perhaps some day it will also be available in Japan...and no kiosk needed...

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100000 max?? Not all that much, is it?

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Costs 3000 yen to send 100000. Can't you send more at the post office for the same price? Actually, I think you can send more. Takes longer but this really isn't great unless people need the money ASAP.

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Locations western union in japan

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