What if things could turn out differently? How the multiverse got into our heads and didn't let go


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What if things could turn out differently? How the multiverse got into our heads and didn't let go

Before the pop culture cache it has been talked about since the double slit experiment and Schrodinger's Cat.

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It hasn't got into my head is not going to; I'll stick with reality.

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Decades ago I read a short story written in response to Shroedinger's proposal of there being what we now call a multiverse. It was a 'day in the life' of a police detective investigating yet another suicide of someone who had heard the multiverse had been proved to exist, and ended with the tired cop, as he was taking off his holster realizing that somewhere in the multiverse, a version of him was turning the gun on himself, and wondering how it would feel to look into the barrel while contemplating pulling the trigger, and then wondering how it would feel to pull the trigger....

And the more I've learned about quantum mechanics, the more I realize that the multiverse theory is severely flawed, because in the time it took you to read the first word of the article, an infinite number of new variations of the universe would be needed, and by the time each of the infinite number of new variations of you that sprung into existence while you read the first word read the second, they'd each have an infinite number of new variations and by the time you finished the last word, there'd be an infinite number of infinite variations of each one of the infinite number of variations of you who decided to click on the article

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Enter the realm of the multiverse and alternate realities, one of the most glorified canvases in popular culture's recent years.

Yes, Alternate realities ...where you can be born as a man but believe that your in the wrong body and that theres a woman inside who wants to come out !!! lol

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The first instance of multiverse use in the major comic companies was Flash in the 1960s. The quintessential multiversal struggle is the excellent 1985 DC comic Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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It's nothing new but the ones that are remembered are the ones that use it as an integral part of the narrative to tell a good story not as a cheap ploy, bandage to cover-up inconsistencies, plot holes, and amateurish writing the way Marvel and DC do. Hey! Let's add another irrelevant cameo just for nostalgia's sake cause our story is weak but we still need to gouge the consumer.

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