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Why crypto creators want to stay anonymous


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The story has refocused attention on anonymity in the world of cryptocurrencies.

A story as old as Satoshi Nakamoto.

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So they can RIP people OFF.

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Crypto is a fraud

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Crypto is a fraud

Is it? Explain more please. I understand how cryptocurrencies work, and I understand what fraud is, and I am not seeing any connection. I have however often seen you make statements that aren't actually supported by facts, and I suspect that you actually don't understand how cryptocurrencies work, and out of frustration have decided to lash out and try to deride them as fraud.

If it's fraud, who is the beneficiary of the fraud?

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Fraud is still a shy and friendly description for that whole crypto or better money crime scene. All global crime syndicates from Mafia to Yakuza plus all Ponzi , snowball or pyramid fraud schemes combined are a small pleasureful kindergarten in comparison.

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