Why Facebook keeps pushing you to go 'live' with video


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"Your lifestream video will start in 10 seconds after this short commercial in 10..9..8.."

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I have an adblocker for Facebook and any other site. It is called my attention. It just evaporates when ads appear. I couldn't tell you what they were about. And if I concentrate on an ad it is just as liable to turn me off a company or product because it is intensely annoying. There are companies I will never buy from because of how their ads have intruded on me in the past. I guess ads work (and therefore undermine the free and fair market assumed in classical economics) but there must be others like me; for whom ads are counter-productive.

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Well I am not longer using Facebook for personal since they pushed "top stories" => decidet for me what I must or what I must not read ...decide what my contact should read from me or not read from me.

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Thx but no thx

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Anyone notice that unasked for videos nd stories suggested by Facebook now reappear no matter what you do to select removing from the future? I get the same four Links stacked as a group evey day. It almost feels like a Wells Fargo middle management ploy....

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When unasked for videos or stories appear I ignore them, just scroll right past, takes nano seconds

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I don't use Facebook but this whole business of pushing live streams is hardly confined to Facebook. Youtube are at it as well (consider that Google wants your full attention for its own ads).

Adblock is your friend...

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I think it is a good thing. There are some really decent people doing Live streams, and allowing people to ask them questions in real time. Technologists, artists, sports people, investors, traders, etc., all do Live stuff. It is the future, and extremely useful.

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