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Why global tech turns to Indian talent

By Glenda Kwek and Joshua Melvin

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Yes, I agree, they have a lot of talents and skilled engineers, mostly in IT, AI and such. I worked with a team of them in this fields already twenty years ago. Very dedicated, great appearance and manners and behavior, of course good knowledge, much better than ours at that time at least, not so much the overflying top performance, but still more than sufficient. I am very sure, also nowadays even for us average Westerners it’s not so easy as it might sound or look, to follow even some of their lowest level introductory courses and successfully get through examination and certification. Of course , finding one employee on very top level and extraordinary expertise is the same difficult low percentage as elsewhere, but because of that high number of people in India acquainted and fully dedicated to IT, AI or other technology, also those absolute great pearls are available in numbers and therefore have already managed to fill up and take over many companies’ top positions in all leading countries over the globe,

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Tech isn't labour

Waving the BS flag on that comment. It is indeed labor and that kind of work can leave one mentally exhausted. It may not be lifting heavy objects or digging holes but it is work (or labor) by any definition of the word.

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US corporate culture is the most result oriented environment in the world. It accepts and elevates performers.

Both US management principles and Indian IT need to be commended here.

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Still they are making the foreign countries more richer whereas they will never settle back in their own country but still says they are proud to be Indian and their country.

Btw, they speak more English than their own language in their daily life, esp in their home Britain.

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The nation that entices the best talent from the global labour market wins.

Brexit pushed the UK down the table. Trump pushed the US down the table.

India only win if they can keep their talent.

These folks are more important than rare earth metals.

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What I do not understand, some Indian are still, living in third world mentality, all these computer expert cannot translate their skills helping their own country

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They are cheap, can do the work without coming to. The US

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Australia is another country to benefit from Indian tech knowledge. Sometimes it seems like our entire IT sector is run by Indian migrants

Yes, but these are not the crème de la crème cited in this article, these are the avg IT engineer..they are also good and there are so many of them, another example is Singapore..but Singapore is now becoming less and less attractive with many either moving to Australia or back to India.. as foreign IT firms in India in the last few years have offering very attractive rates.

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They produce a lot of programmers and tech people, who are willing to work at cheaper rates.

No one is working at cheaper rates, In the US all work at top dollar rates..avg starting salaries for these graduates is around anything between 150-250K.

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"Focusing on tech is a smart move by India. It's the direction the world is moving in, and by educating their people and making them a force worldwide"

LOL the only reason India became an IT power is because software does not require any physical infrastructure, instead anyone with a laptop (desktop PCs if you go back to 25 years) and a desire to learn can start coding and build up skills. While India never had any shortage of talented people, there is a reason why there are no core engineering companies from India dominating their respective sectors in the world.

You make it sound as if India and its government focused on IT tech on purpose, whereas the reality is that Indians became leaders in software inspite of their government, not because of it.

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Anyone who can make it to the top 5 IITs in Computers/Electronics/Electrical engineering is already among the top 1000 out of the more than 1.2 million students who give JEE every year. Such people will thrive anywhere they go in any field they choose to excel in.

To put this in perspective, Indian teens who aspire to make it to the top 5 IITs burn the midnight oil for 2-3 years continuously in their final school years to get an admit into the top 5 IITs. It's no surprise that IITians thrive in Silicon valley where they get the infrastructure and the ecosystem minus the bureaucracy of India.

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factchecker got it right. Cheap labor.

That's the ONLY reason.

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Why global tech turns to Indian talent

Cheap labour.

I work with Indian tech in Japan and it is not cheap at all.

In fact Chinese, Vietnamese engineers charge much lower rates here!

And in my experience quality is directly proportionate to the rates!

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Focusing on tech is a smart move by India. It's the direction the world is moving in, and by educating their people and making them a force worldwide, they can pull their country out of poverty.

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Cheap labour.

Tech isn't labour, it's not physical. Tech is knowledge. So if you want to be accurate, you should say cheap knowledge. And India has a lot of that. They produce a lot of programmers and tech people, who are willing to work at cheaper rates.

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Why global tech turns to Indian talent

Cheap labour.

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