Why you don't need a 5G phone just yet


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YouTube full HD works just fine on SoftBank 4G+ everywhere I go, so no, I can see no reason for faster network for users.

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5G for currency only It's not a problem.

There is no difference in 4G or 5G until you see a movie, but it will change a lot when you reach the 3D level. That's not just for mobile phones,

The latest AI, security systems, semiconductors, drones, and everything else in the latest technologies is 5G.

I know that not only Korea, but also many other countries are building and commercializing 5G. It makes no sense that Japan is a technological power and falls behind.

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There are so few 3GPP NR 5G installations worldwide that it isn’t worth the money now. By the time the 2020 model iPhones arrive, we’ have more power efficient chips for 5G on the phone and there will be a lot more 5G installations available.

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"Its new... I must have it..." that sadly has always been the case of Tech in Japan. Local companies release products that never reach the Global markets simply because they're testing the populace interest... for the Tourist, that is something you need to be aware of.... don't buy a product simply because it has lots of "new" features, as it may suddenly become unsupported locally, and never hit the Global markets...sadly Japan Tech is like that... I know from decades of experience here.

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it'll be interesting to see how 5G develops in next few years

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so many people are tech junkies now, including me to some extent, but I can't help thinking we all buy into so much hype! Sure 5G might be great in the future but there seems to be this incredible push to have it yesterday.

I for one am quite happy with 4G and I certainly don't want to be paying more money! Lets take a deep breath ......

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