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Wi-Fi for travelers becomes web marketing lure


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Good stuff.

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On Monday, Yahoo Inc said it is giving away Wi-Fi access in New York’s Times Square. One street of the busy area was converted into pedestrian zone with lawn chairs this spring, giving more of a reason to dawdle and perhaps flip open a laptop.

In winter time in NY? Who is going to sit outside and play with their laptop?

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This need for constant connectivity is disturbing. People need to get a life (he typed while on a 10 minute break at work).

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I think the news is big!

Remember just how it was 10 years ago with the e-mail addresses? There were free services but you couldn't use POP and have your mails in your own PC. My fiancee was paying arm and leg for IBM global mail service. Same for international phone service. Now you can call for free, you can mail for free - you name it!

This might mark the start of global free WiFi competition, just the way Internet became global and accessible with the on-line advertisement.

Oh, and BTW just checked the available free hot spots in my region in Japan. Zero is the answer! About 10 in Yokohama only in few big hotels, etc.

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Yeah, this is useless for those who live in Japan. Finding a spot with Wi-Fi here is about as common as finding a happy orphan on Mothers Day.

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boqva There are hotspots all over the place because people do not secure their wireless routers. Walk around with your laptop and you will be surprised. I believe most McDonalds have Yahoo BB for free too. I also know how to get free on line at any airport, but not going to divulge my secret. I do tell military people though when I see them paying for serice. Makes them smile.

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