Wii and DS top video game system sales in U.S. in October


Nintendo's Wii and DS continued in October to dominate video game system sales in the United States, NPD Group reports.

The Japanese maker of video game hardware and software saw sales rise 25.7% in October as compared to the same month last year despite dismal economic conditions in the United States.

Nintendo sold 803,210 Wii consoles and nearly half a million of its DS handheld gaming devices in the United States in October, NPD reported.

The figures lifted overall sales of Wii consoles to 13.35 million and to 23.02 million for DS devices, making them the best selling video game hardware in the current generation of offerings, according to Nintendo.

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Unbelievable, they are also predicting a big demand for Wii's this holiday season yet again. That's 3 holiday seasons in a row. What I can't understand is how nintendo has been able to sustain this. I own a wii and I haven't touched it for a long time as there simply aren't any games I like. I've read of grumblings too from gamers that are not excited at all about the paltry releases by nintendo for the wii. They are all wii fit type games, not the intense first person shooters I like. Even the Xbox 360, the core model, is cheaper than the wii and is way more powerful.

Whatever they are doing it seems to be working though.

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And what happened to Atari?

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What a comeback! Nintendo was almost written off during the Game Cube days. And unlike Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo makes a tidy profit on every system they sell. While Sony and Nintendo battle it out for the 14 year old boy market Nintendo has swept up everyone else. Nintendo should have enough market share and cash to develop a better system and better games for the next generation.

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Nintendo beat the market by giving the average person what he/she wants, a fun, accessible, no-brainer gaming experience. Pick up the controller, swing it to hit the ball. No 100-page manuals to figure out how to do skateboarding maneuvers or fighting moves. It's fun and as easy as you want it to be.

Hardcore gamers are maybe one half of one percent of the world population, if that. (Still a vast population for XBox and PS3 to battle over!) The Wii was designed for, and marketed to, the other 5.97 billion people in the world. It's not rocket science.

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owning a wii is just a fad. its garbage and most people i know who owns one, rarely even plays it. i'm not even talking about hardcore gamers. i'm talking adults who bought into the wiimote hype. sure EVERYONE owns a wii but how are the games selling?

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Nope Wii games are fun for the whole family while ps3 is more for the gamer.

haytkayokomiya , atari? in the same garbage bin as zxspectrum,amstrad, neoGeo, sega saturn,amiga and much more

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