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WikiLeaks creates online archive of hacked Sony documents


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“It is newsworthy and at the center of a geo-political conflict. It belongs in the public domain. WikiLeaks will ensure it stays there.”

Geo-political conflict? Is he suggesting that there's the evidence that the US accuses against North Korea were false?

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Assange's relase of confidential corporate information just doesn't seem to make sense. Is he suggesting that no government or commercial entity should be allowed to own confidential information? If Assange wants to make a worthwhile contribution to humanity, suggest he should focus his attentions on bringing down the Great Firewall.

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What about his "sex crimes"? Doesn't that also belong in the public domain?

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Assange's relase of confidential corporate information just doesn't seem to make sense.

Indeed, I wonder why Sony? If it's someway related to politics (see the North Korea topic) could make sense, otherwise it seems only like a way to attack this Japanese company. And then some people ask why Sony has financial problems... It would be more interesting to know how Google or Facebook work, for example, considering how they deal with tons of people personal data.

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Does anyone else here find it ironic that the tone of the article is critical of the listing of Sony secrets online, while the writer of the article has absolutely no problem disclosing Sony secrets online in their article in order to sell their story?

Did this story really need references to the information stolen to discuss the issue? No.

The media has really already made up its mind, it obviously sees this information as of public interest, and the author completely undermines their entire argument.

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In other words, Assange's database is private and the rest is public?

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Assange blew this one I think and it appears is scraping the barrel by doing this. He is assisting hackers who's only intention was to cause damage to Sony. There is nothing in the stolen data that is of any interest to the world. It was illegal to bring it into the public domain and it should remain illegal. Where is our freedom to privacy. So the message is: if your PC gets hacked then anyone is fee to post that info into the public domain. I hope someone hacks Assange's PC and puts that into the public domain or better still fabricate anything you like and say it's from him and put that out into the public domain and see if he is happy doing what he is doing.

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And that is why I never bother watching Hollywood movies...these leaks just confirm my suspicions. I thought this stuff finished after the WWII Walt Disney propaganda.

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Good for him releasing these documents. Where would you tinfoil hat US-haters be without the indiscriminate release of sensitive documents from the powerful?

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Yeah, it's wonderful that Assange's supporters still let him hide away from his predatory sexual criminal charges against multiple, real and breathing women, ready to testify against him, over there in Sweden.

His fans breezily excuse his years of hiding like a coward in some developed country's London embassy...what a hero you've all chosen for yourselves! How convenient that he uses the flimsy excuse "Sweden is so under the power of the US that I can't be sure of a fair trial there!" (If you're looking for a genuine "tinfoil" crackpot excuse for a multiple-charged and still fugitive abuser of women, scipantheist, you'd be hard pressed to find a sillier one than Assange's!

Does anyone REALLY believe that the Swedish criminal justice system is so horribly corruptible that it cannot fairly give its own citizens real justice against this Australian sexual predator? Of course you don't! It'd be insult to Sweden, habitually one of the world's top five least corrupt governments, as well as to its honest people and extremely transparent justice system.

But by doggedly supporting this clown and his evasion of justice, you in fact provide cover to all those other alleged rapists out there who wish to leave all blame and shame of their crime with the women they've victimized!

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Whether or not you agree with Julian Assange on this particular issue, all of us should be grateful for people like him, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden (all three of whom are either in prison or in exile). I find it pretty hypocritical that the mainstream press (quite rightfully) heaped praise on the bystander who videoed a US cop shooting an unarmed black man in cold blood, rightfully referring to him as a hero whose actions lead to an arrest for murder, and proved the failures in US law enforcement procedures, hopefully leading to changes, while at the same time generally vilifying Assange, Manning and Snowden. Manning's postings on Wikileaks proved the US Government lied when they denied press reports of US servicemen targeting unarmed civilians in Iraq and allegations about the use of torture by the US military. These were clear violations of international law and it was heroic to make this public. We need whistleblowers more than ever.

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Sony was low hanging fruit. I completely agree with Mizuame: " If Assange wants to make a worthwhile contribution to humanity, suggest he should focus his attentions on bringing down the Great Firewall."

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@Markus L yes agreed , also the US spying on there allies. whether you like them or not or there guilty or not there crimes pale in comparison to what theyve exposed the US gov / NSA doing. and has anybody been held accountable for that. sweet F all

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