Windows 10 devices to allow sign-in with face, iris


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Samsung has had this feature for 3 years now since the S3 even

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@gogogo: The Galaxy S3 was using Iris recognition?

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Samsung has had this feature for 3 years now since the S3 even

I have an S4 and there's no fingerprint or iris recognition security that I know of.

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Googling "galaxy s3" "fingerprint lock" gets ICE Unlock app at Google Play:

ICE Unlock is powered by ONYX HD which allows users to take a picture of their fingerprint using the existing camera. No additional hardware or scanner needed. ... Most other lock screens don't actually use biometrics to unlock your device. They are just for fun. ICE Unlock is a true biometric lock screen solution. ...

Searching "iris scan" on Google Play also shows a lot of apps.

YMMV. (There is no warranty for this free comment.)

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soldave / Fadamore: From the article: "using your face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock your devices", s3, 4, 5 has face unlock, 5 has fingerprint

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