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Windows 7 sales boosts Microsoft 4Q net income


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Windows 7 is their best O/S yet and I've worked with all of them since DOS 3.2. Now all they have to do is fix their current version of Internet Explorer so that it doesn't need all those "Compatability Views".

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Sounds like Micro$oft is doing well these days. I get to work with if on my office computer every day and have nothing to do with it at home. True Micro$oft is more "entertaining" than my Mac but at least I do not have to put up with all of those comparability problems. My printer came from America but works great with my MAC. My old PC often refused to communicate with my printer. Sounds to me like a sucker is born every minute is still true. Suppose one needs to be an Otaku to get very excited over such things.

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i thought this news is talking about how Windows 7 help MS improve sell, but some still can not leave the old day, "old PC" with old "comparability problems"!

my old mac os8 at company which released 1997 refuse to communicate with the brand new scanner but the XP which released 4-5 years later did see and after some driver update it connect just fine. wait with windows7 it didn't even need the driver update! my conclusion? oh! my brand new windows7 machine is just too smooth. mac is more "entertaining" because i can show off my skill fixing the old machine. was that any where close to accurate comparison? unlikely!

the think is, use whatever work for you. and if you even want to make a comparison, at less make it as fair as possible.

yeah, sucker is born every minute is still true!

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YuriOtani; Why am I not surprised you are a Mac user? LOL.

"My printer came from America, but works great with my Mac"...

What is that supposed to mean? Are you saying that American made technology is no good? (Where do you think Mac's come from?)

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