Windows Phone 8 fades out as Microsoft mulls mobile strategy


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Here's an insight:

"Microsoft's next mobile strategy is to make iOS and Android better"

We’ve seen the company focus on iOS and Android apps before, but at the Build event in Seattle this week the message is clear: Microsoft is finally being realistic.

The idea is simple: it doesn't matter what devices you're using in the Microsoft world as long as one of them is Windows.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella predicts that at some point everyone is going to have an average of six devices they use regularly, and Microsoft knows most of them won’t be running Windows. Microsoft’s response is to make experiences on iOS and Android devices better. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s a lot more useful to the average Windows user than trying to sell them a Windows-powered phone.

Microsoft is unveiling a number of new features in Windows 10 today that will improve the experience of moving content to devices like an iPhone or Android handset. You could argue that many of these new features are inspired by Apple’s macOS, but Microsoft isn’t trying to lock you into its ecosystem to make use of them.

It all feels like very early days, but it’s certainly a big and bold bet. Microsoft is shifting to make other devices better, especially ones that don’t run Windows. Microsoft’s bet here is to move Windows experiences beyond the laptop or PC and into apps that are meaningful on smartphones that will help keep consumers coming back to Windows. "We're trying to meet all of our Windows users where they really are in their day-to-day lives," says Belfiore.

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Just branch off the company into Surface and focus on hardware integration

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Microsoft should have come out with some better mobile business software. It dominates the business desktop market but never really made much impression on the mobile business market for email etc.

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I've never been a Windows fan. I could never stand Gates and monkey man Ballmer didn't do anything to change my mind. But I think the new guy has a good head on his shoulders and good things will come of it. Finally Windows is learning to play WITH others.

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