Woman or machine? New robots look eerily human


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There you go, Abe -san. Your answer to the lack of workers . . . .just have a robot do the job !!!!!

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If they could make them into baby machines all problems would be solved. Hahaha

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Yes. Notice these robots are always women. Servants?

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Don't have to worry about that. There'll definitely be a demand for male robots. Now, the reason why female robots are so popular is thanks to manga and such (Y) There is a romance when it comes to robots and since most anime lovers are male in Japan, I think it's only natural that there is more of a demand for female model robots. So nothing to do with servants, Onniyama. There will be male robots.

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Life like? Not really. Unless compared to the various women with a lot of plastic surgery. But really the comparison is the other way. The woman has had so much plastic surgery she looks like a robot. So it seems this otonaroid looks like she should, a robot.

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I can see a lot of demand in China, with its male/female imbalance, for (ahem) companion robots.

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"The robot, designed with a girlish appearance,..."

I prefer older female robots.

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Only a matter of time before the Onanodroid is released, and you can watch the birthrate dwindle to zero.

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It just goes to show that a weirdo in one country is another country's visionary. Or maybe not!

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This is how they plan to keep the population above 100 million in 50 years time. Perhaps they will also make foreign-looking robots to do the slave labour "trainee" jobs and other menial work.

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Uh-oh. Looks like the Japanese fertility rate is going to take another dive.

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Or, J-women look eerily robot-like...

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I think you'll find both of the 'women' are androids.

So am I the only person impressed with them? For decades people have dreamed of androids, or humanoid robots, and what's the reaction? Jokes about using them as sex toys.

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They look really stiff and formal. So I suppose from a Japanese perspective they could look eerily human. Whereas from a Cuban or Italian perspective they look like stiff little plastic dolls.

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Bad idea I think , may be they are the same thing , but I think that human differs in that they can think from a different perspective without being ordered , they can create , reproduce , they can be used militarily better than the robot , of course they need food, but when the robot replace human it will be the end of humanity , the future looks so dark and bleak

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I don't know about you guys but my intrigue in robotic human sexual practices, has just been piqued. Someone said servants.... pointing out they are always women...

I think it will be a majority of female styled robots as men have a harder time finding women, then the other way around. and besides. Im all up for it. I love my wife but i know she wears the pants in our family, also I could see how rape and these senseless violence against women crimes will be dramatically lowered if such robots were released in a massive scale. This beats my holodeck fantasy lol. Yayyy progress

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I don't know about you guys but my intrigue in robotic human sexual practices, has just been piqued.>

No. Seriously, it's just you.

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Didn't read the article, but from the pix, it's just the latex face-sculpting that looks human, something we have been able to do using materials like wood, stone, wax, metal, ice, etc as well as latex, for like thousands of years.

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Perhaps your just closed minded Fandango.. I doubt it's just me.

After all haven't Silicon dolls been in use for several years and a large part of their market is in the handi capable segment. I see this is no real big difference. But then you probably haven't any notion of how others act or react besides yourself. As an educator I see a lot of potential good from this industry, with an obvious negative that a terminatrix may become self aware and kill you... Outside of these Fantastical things, I am sure there will be a lot risk saving outputs and outlets with such technology. i.e Radioactive clean ups, where hazards would limit human interaction. Since you were so kind to quote just one part of my post I should point out it is probably the first thought in any person's head after reading that article. But not in your head, your too good, a person too true an individual.

I am sure a individual with a serious handicap would approve of your thoughts in this. But then if I am the only one that thought of a Robotic Female as a companion rather then a museum Piece, Then I will gladly be platformed as such for such.

Thank you sir. For showing me the error of my ways. And as a side note I love your nickname, it infers close coital bliss with a primate, exactly the sort of jeer or unintelligent response I would expect from as a source or learned opinion.

I'm sure a poll or a study based on my proposals and remarks would show an affirmative tot he course and logic of my statements. (means they would agree)

peace and love.

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Having one of these around my house dressed up and occupying a western style chair permanently would get on my nerves . Just imagine the smell coming off its clothes after a month of grilled fish emanating from the kitchen galley not to mention static dust settling and sticking to it on a humid day. A fly or a cockroach landing on it would have me in the dock for violent abuse of a femalenoid .

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Hmm - mostly female-looking.

Certainly not because men are ugly?!

Perhaps it is also to minimise culture shock - like in Terminator 2, the new T-1 looked like the one in Terminator 1 because in the future they decided to send back something that John and Sarah Conor would recognise, rather than something new and shocking. That was the logic anyway.

So, when faced by a Japanese-made (ninja killer-)robot in the future, pray to your god that it is a woman. Then you will feel better.

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I believe some of these robots have been working in some of the Japanese companies where I've worked for some time now...

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People are easy to forget that these are just machines. Dead, unanimate matter that stops moving as soon as the battery runs empty. Machines will never have a soul, no matter how human you make them look.

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