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AI companies make fresh safety promise at Seoul summit


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Google, Meta and OpenAI were among the companies that made voluntary safety commitments at the AI Seoul Summit, including pulling the plug on their cutting-edge systems if they can’t rein in the most extreme risks.

These would be the systems they've already unleashed upon us via releasing them on the internet and may or may not be "unpluggable"?

And these are "voluntary" commitments they can and almost certainly will ignore if it means giving up something they've spent a lot of money on?

And the million risks that don't rise to the "most extreme" level they are exposing us to with this crap already aren't covered by it?

Not good enough.

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these companies are professional liars.

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And it even can't, doesn't and won't work properly. Better quickly put it back in it's little Pandora's box.

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Alas, Sven Asai, once Pandora's box is open things can't be put back in. The current AI development is reckless and can soon be out of control. Like a lab that accidentally spills deathly substances, AI will probably become untamable. The situation is currently, "Let's see what we can do and how far we can go," instead of, "Let's see what we can do and how far we can go. Safely." It's picking up steam instead of slowing down.

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