Yahoo describes surveillance fight


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time to start using encrypted VPN and ensure all your information is stored in servers in countries that dont have info sharing with the US,

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All three Yahoo customers denounced the news.

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Yahoo should provide users' information to US Government. It's important to tracking down illegal activity of terrorists and drug cartel. We need safer world for peoples. I don't mind if the Yahoo transfers my a/c information to any legitimate Government for security of society.

Yahoo and others services providers are listening to minority group like civil right but they are ignoring to majority peoples. Civil right, Human right and Green groups are taken less responsible or taken no responsible when the disaster was striking to society.

Yahoo should provide information what US Government wanted. Prevention is better than cure. Religion extremism terrorists can strike anytime anywhere. If Government knew in advance and then the Law enforcement organization can prevent attack on innocent peace loving peoples.

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Hmm, So Yahoo will play with the PRC but not the US? As long as the US justice department can issue a warrant, Yahoo has to comply, but if its just the NSA/etc trying to get private info without a warrant from the justice department then Yahoo can fight it.

I can honestly say I don't trust corporations in it for the money any more than I trust certain branches of my government with my rights to privacy.

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I wish the average American was as outraged over this as I am.

It is time to amend the constitution to provide the same protections for electronic communications as we have in the postal and phone communications.

While we are at it, secret courts need to be outlawed - period. If it is important to do, then it can and should be done in public - or delayed 1 yr at most. If the government cannot have an operation public in that timeframe, then they shouldn't be doing it at all.

It is a matter of trust.

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In 1984, I lived in a place that was just like the novel (doublethink etc). America was a distant paradise where people didn't have to fear their government. Less than 30 years later, an American citizen who was doing a job not unlike Winston in 1984, has to flee to Russia, of all places, because he said "this is not right". How times change...

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