Yahoo Japan develops 3D search engine-printer


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Design information for a working handgun was posted online earlier this year, sparking warnings that the technology needed to be tamed amid fears of a wave of home-built weaponry.

Oh yes, of course, because someone couldn't already, for example, walk into their local hardware shop and pick up everything they needed for a home-made shotgun? Is there anyone proposing banning hardware shops and saying, "You want two lengths of stainless steel pipe? I'm gonna need to see some identification...", or "Charcoal tablets? Hmmm... I'm gonna need to confirm that you have indigestion before I can just hand over dangerous substances like that.".

Pathetic alarmists. Even if someone did print out a 3D gun, where precisely would they get BULLETS in a country like Japan?

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^^^^^^ exactly ^^^^^^

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they will just print them.

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