Yahoo! overhauls email for web, mobile devices


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if so, i will re-activate my account soon :)

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Should I go Ya Hooooo! or Ought oh ?

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I have my account for almost 9 years. It is still active and I still use it sometimes. I switched to Gmail 3 years ago since I found it simpler and neater. Another reason I abandoned Y!mail was due to the fear that I might lost my account since Alibaba was trying to buy the company. Good luck Yahoo, but I'm sticking to Gmail.

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I prefer yahoo mail ....

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I just checked mine out and I like the back to the basics look of the email page. It's faster and simpler. Good move.

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I've had a Yahoo email since day 1, 14 years I think? Last year Yahoo sent me an email thanking me for my long service. I only use it for signing into Flickr.

Out of Gmail, Apple iCloud, Live Mail, Yahoo generates the most spams.

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