Yahoo pulls China services as regulatory crackdown bites


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Yet one more company leaves China.

What is happening?

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Yahoo is crap anyways. I use Yahoo Japan solely for Japan related topics.

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Meanwhile, the rest of the world will enjoy the benefits of Meta! Bwa ha ha.

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@Iron Lad - Yahoo has no significant physical presence in China. It's all online, and that involves the very simple task of shutting down servers. They're only cutting off a money-loser.

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China is turning into another N.Korea!

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China is turning into another N.Korea!

They're as close as lips to teeth. Right?

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It's not so much that Yahoo's presence in China is small or unprofitable, it's far more important that the message is growing louder and stronger - 'get the hell out of China,' the country is a disgrace in so many ways.

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