Yahoo vows to encrypt website traffic


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When it comes to the NSA there is nothing about you that is safe from them knowing.

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Personally, if I am going to have ads thrown at me, I would prefer them to be of something interesting.

Just do not give me those that scroll along as I read a Yahoo article. I hate those. You need a huge monitor to be able to deal with them. ABP does not seem to know how to get rid of them.

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hahaha seriously Yahoo doesn't encrpyt data now? How stupid!?

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Encryption won't help against the NSA when the certificates used for encryption are already compromised. And you can be sure they are. Apart from that, encryption will probably become illegal for private citizens anyway in the near future due to TPP regulations.

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They wil encrypt and then give the government whatever they need to decrypt it. These days it is not about privacy, just the appearance of privacy. I mean if they actually encrypted it so NO ONE could read it, then wouldnt Yahoo become the "official mail of terrorists and criminals"? not something that works well in an ad campaign.

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NSA will already have the keys so there's really no point to this. Much better to do you're own thing. If not at least replace all personal information online with different data, making the data useless

And let's all wave to our NSA overlords

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There WERE some fairly secure email services, but two of them have opted to close down rather than hand over the keys to BigBrother.

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The normal/average user of any email is never 100% fully protected.

Yahoo is trying to gain the trust of their customer base so they can see what their customers honestly think while the NSA can snoop all they want.

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