You can stymie the iPhone X Face ID - but it takes some work


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Does it work whilst you're walking or on the move ?

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Does it work whilst you're walking or on the move ?

Hopefully not, there are enough walking smartphone zombies on the street as it is.

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have to wait as I bought the 7 less than a year ago.. Should be interesting to see what comes after the X

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meh apple

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Samsung tried fingerprint scanning. Didn't work well.

Apple implement fingerprint scanning. Works perfectly!

Samsung tried face scanning. Didn't work well. Could be fooled by photos.

Apple implement face scanning. Works perfectly!

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@2020 - this is true - Have been to both company's factories. Apple has a multicultural R&D and design group, open work spaces, and they have tried to limit hierarchy or at least minimize the impact on development. Samsung has a mono cultural team with alot of hierarchy. There are strengths and weaknesses to both sides but I think in this case Apple's team is probably better.

On the flip side sounds like a great way to build a biometric database where users willingly surrender their biometric markers....alot like facebook...just different information being traded

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2020hindsights: I guess you miss the apple keynote when it didn't work live on stage.

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Apple has a tradition with new products not working on the stage.

Law of Demonstration: Works everytime during testing till you want to demonstrate it = lemons.

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