Don't dawdle with latest iPhone update. Here’s why and how


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Rotten Apples

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With an emphasis on this bit: 'we’re unlikely to see anything that’s really widespread at this stage'.

Don't panic. Although nobody should be blasé about computer security, hackers prioritise worthwhile targets and 99% of users are simply not worth the bother. Being a team leader or big in Sales isn't really enough.

So whilst you should make sure your anti-virus is up to date, working, and regularly doing a full scan, and upgrade any software when a security patch comes out, media hype over every potential tech issue, social and environmental problem or unexplained viral death isn't doing much for folks' mental health. The entire planet needs to chill a little and take things down a few notches after the last couple of years.

quote: They’re constantly ... improving their technology, improving their software.

LOL. This individual has clearly never heard of Windows.

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The update took only a few minutes.

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Buying an expensive phones,that some are still paying for, not only for the service and phone,is digital slavery

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Fine, except iPad Air 2 can’t be updated. The system files with no extra apps installed, all photos, data and documents deleted are so big that there is not enough space left to download and install the update.

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Buying an expensive phones,that some are still paying for, not only for the service and phone,is digital slavery

Fifty bucks for the phone and about $36 a month pre-paid. It's cheaper than my land line.

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Apple got this one before any serious damage was made. For 20 years never had any problems with Apple devices or OS. Wish I could have said the same about Windows.

Oh man I hear you! Apple all the way for me.

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