Young workers push employers for wider web access


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Agreed. All the wonders of technology at their fingertips and employers view it as a risk that should be blocked rather than taking advantage of it.

Get people on Skype, instant messaging, let them listen to music on internet radio - you might actually find that productivity increases. I certainly work faster at home with full access.

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They’re also less likely to fit the traditional 9-to-5 work mode

Not sure that there is much 'traditional' about that 'mode' here in Japan!

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Who cares about visiting facebook... I just want to listen to internet radio!

-seriously... how can facebook add to productivity?

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First post here, but I've been lurking for over 5 years.

I'm a technical architect - the guy who has to find the money for all this non-work network stuff. Video and audio files use huge amounts of bandwidth if 1,000 people are using 128kbps for audio. For smaller companies, even 50 people listening to Pandora can bring the corporate network down. That bandwidth should be used for email and customer meetings instead. If you want to listen to music, bring your iPhone or iPod or Nokia N800 <-- my choice.

I'm less concerned about Facebook access, but facebook and myspace have been distribution sites for viruses via their ad networks. IM has legal issues for companies, at least in the USA. We're required to retain copies of all messages - email, IM and texts, if possible, due to SOX requirements. If you are a C-level exec, you already know everything is recorded. Where I worked, we also retained 7 days of telephone conversations for every line in the company - over 60,000 employees.

IM and Skype have huge security issues. There have been a number of remote hacks through IM software. Sometimes it is like opening a door right through your firewall. We chose to close that door.

Network access at work is for work purposes. Sometimes security gets in the way of convenience. I worry every day how a breach will appear to our customers when it shows up on the front page of the New York Times. Fortunately, our BoD agrees and gives us the mandate to be secure and mitigate as many risks to our reputation, computers, and network as possible.

In short, use your personal PDA/cell and that data network for personal stuff while at work.

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Get people off Skype, more like it... and onto SIP.

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Anyone caught using Facebook or any other such childish nonsense at my firm is fired on the spot. Work! This is not your personal playtime.

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Skype, AIM, and other IM programs have, occasionally, been used to compromise a network. Many companies tightly control which programs can be loaded on their computers, so any security risks are understood and mitigated. People suggesting the use of these programs probably don't really understand the risks. When your company is hacked, how many customers will you lose?

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Good thing you don't work for the US government. Don't know if it affects my productivity either way but at the office I can't access Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, etc. on my work computer. Currently no one's even permitted to plug anything except for an approved external hard drive into any USB ports because it's considered a network vulnerability.

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Altria at 10:14 AM JST - 14th July Get people on Skype, instant messaging, let them listen to music on internet radio - you might actually find that productivity increases. I certainly work faster at home with full access.

You think so, huh? Actually, it's believed that millions of hours of productivity are lost as people fritter away 10 minutes here and 30 seconds there dicking around on the Internet(s). Furthermore, streaming audio eats up enormous amounts of bandwidth for a company.

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I wanted to use ibm site to gather information, but it was blocked... so i went to ebay and I spent 2 hours surfing among auctions... I really enjoied that filter system (I work as programmer)

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It's not clear why the guy in the article has to run to the cafe to use the WiFi connection to send large files. You don't need WiFi to send large files. Sending confidential data over WiFi in a cafe doesn't sound like a good idea to me.

My former student was here the other day, moaning about internet restrictions at his workplace. Seeing as he used to spend most of the day watching sports and instant messaging, I'd say the employer has the right idea. Facebook and instant messaging with your mates do not help productivity.

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Boo hoo please unblock minesweeper and solitaire too.

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In my office, we can reach all sites anytime without restriction (Okay, it's not in Japan). What I want to say – once it was opened to everybody anytime, people tend to surf more privately on Community Sites etc. while worktime. But after some weeks, most of the people became annoyed to be privately online all the time (because they do so anyway at home) and forgot about. Now everyone is back on work again, but still use the whole internet, to find information when they need. Of course there are some Otaku who are still often privately online, but even if you block it, they will still find a way (thankx to iPhone and Wireless) to surf privately around the office...

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