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YouTube aims to crack down on fake news, support journalism


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The company said Monday it will make "authoritative" news sources more prominent

translation: mainstream liberal media

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More local information, creative ideas/concepts to be worldly known without much sensationalism or extravagances and conspiracy plots. Something of "fairness" we need to accept with this world going too much diversity for biased images/narrations. Fake news everywhere on this days, but the concept of fairness should be there even I like it or not. That's what I follow YouTube and here in Japan Today.

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The goal is to counter the fake videos that can proliferate immediately after shootings, natural disasters and other major happenings. translation: right wing nutters with 0 credibility using false fact from conspiracy theorist sites also with 0 credibility with 0 proof that their insinuations are actually fact.

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Good luck with doing this while staying popular.  YouTube and Twitter and parts of FB are liked precisely because they give a voice to "non-authoritative" sources.

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Oh so they're shutting down CNN's YouTube channel.

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Despite our president's pronouncements to the contrary, biased news and fake news are not the same thing.

Biased news, like the leftist mainstream media, willfully omits opposing viewpoints, but is at least obligated by professional codes of ethics to present factual information (however selective).

Fake news is just some random dude completely making up sh*t that is devoid of any facts at all.

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He said it would be preferable if Google used people instead of algorithms to vet fake news.

“Vet fake news”? Scam here. Translation: you’ll get the news we (Google) want you to get.

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Some of the most creative and inspirational stuff crops up on YouTube. Unfortunately, some of the ugliest dregs of humanity also make an appearance.

If I want real news, it won't be Faux News or Breitbart or Alex Jones or some bloke sitting in a basement ruminating on the illuminati and other offensive/ridiculous conspiracy theories.

The internet has been a godsend to cranks but it's better to have them online, I guess, than interacting with actual people and causing grief irl.

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Great. That means more SJWhiners videos sigh

As if MSM doesn't try to influence the masses.

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