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YouTube allows users to delete comments


YouTube on Monday unveiled a new feature which may prove useful to poor spellers or people suffering from "comment regret."

Users of the Google-owned video-sharing site can new delete their own comments from the thread which accompanies videos on YouTube.

"Whether you misspelled "pwned," back in the day when you were just a n00b to the internets, or you simply said something you wish you could take back -- now you can remove your commentary at any time," YouTube said in a blog post.

"Of course, we always encourage everyone to think things through before posting comments anywhere on the site. But if you don't get it right the first time, now you can simply delete your comment," it added.

To remove a comment, a user goes to the "Text Comments" section below a video and clicks on the "Remove" button.

Users can only delete comments they themselves have posted.

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Great ,you tube. Way to go.

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Is this really such a big deal? It seems a good proportion of those who post comments on Youtube haven't quite grasped English yet anyway so they won't be deleting comments because of that.

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Hey maybe JT could introduce this function to save on moderator salaries...

0 ( +0 / -0 )

too bad you can't get dumb people to use that function.

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Crappy idea.

Then again, it's YouTube, not a place where meaningful discussions can actually take place.

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I don't think it's good idea. Interwebs is supposed to always have everything there when we need to see it.

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Fatal flaw #1 If sumeone mispels a werd, and does not realise it.. what are the ods they are gonna be sew conserded abot it latter, that they will deleate there coment? Would anyone reallly notise a mispelling hear or thier? I could care lass about type o's! :) Youtube has enough issues to deal with! I would be more conserned about all the copyright violations on youtube!

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Telecaster - Har!

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thanks youtube. now my life is complete. who needs job, love or money when you can edit your comments.

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"people suffering from comment regret"

Proud as I am of the vast majority of my comments here ( wink ), there's a few I've regretted.

"Users can only delete comments they themselves have posted."

This is almost useless, ha ha ha!

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Let me know when they allow you to delete other people's posts.

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If you put up the video, you can control the postings.

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