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YouTube bans 'implied' threats


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Let’s hope they remove all the anti-Trump hate speech.

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Funny how this will work out. If someone says "We should do something." and someone is threatened, now the content can be banned as implied is subjective and subjective is open to interpretation.

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Great news, finally an end to all that nonsense about the so-called "white privilege" and "patriarchy" ...

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Pretty soon the world is going to become one big sterile safe-space as dictated by Google and Facebook.

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Pretty soon the world is going to become one big sterile safe-space as dictated by Google and Facebook

No, there's always the dark web

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There's been Islamophobic BS on YouTube, indicating that Islam is a race, not a religion. That kind of crap induces violence just like Nazi rhetoric does about Jews. There's no place for that and it isn't called for.

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Islamophobic or not, how much difference is there between Islam being a race and a religion. If anything, a "race" makes one less culpable, because race is something you can't change, while you can change your religion.

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Google will always allow anti-Trump hate speech. After all, they have declared, in interviews, that they have an objective of preventing Trump’s re-election.

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Anti Trump hate speech? YouTube removing it? That's YouTube's business. Don't like it? Then Trump should start TrumpTube or Fox should start FoxTube. This is a private business matter. What's wrong? There aren't enough competent conservative computer engineers to build a Trump friendly video platform? It shows conservatives have an intellectual deficit.

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"We may also remove content from channels if they repeatedly harass someone," Halprin said

Then, Ewe-toob(owned by gaggle/alfa-beta) is going to have to remove all of the hate-filled anti-conservative content that repeatedly harass people of Christian faith, pro-life people, and of course quash the ubiquitous Trump-hate(reminds sentient beings of the 3-Minutes Hate of Orwellian origin).

Looking more and more like the Great Wall censorship.


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Funny. It used to be the left protecting first amendment (freedom of speech and press) while the right protected the second amendment (guns). The first amendment is already regulated many times over what he second is. Wheres the outrage? Wheres the ACLU?

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ACLU = first amendment's NRA.

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