YouTube clarifies rules on pranks as risky memes rage

By Sam Yeh

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Usually I'd say to let darwinism take its course but i guess it is different now if these go viral and reaches the younger audiences.

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I'd say 1 strike and you are out is better.

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Fake the death of a parent to a child? Who would do such a thing? That is absolutely heartbreaking. Poor children.

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Like those Jalal idiots that dress up like terrorists and throw fake bombs at people. Somebody's going to get shot one day trying to get 'likes' unless something is done to stop the stupidity.

Unless like Kag said above, you're ok with Darwin taking care of it himself.

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Idiot's challenges

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Extanker, I hear ya.

Jalal and the psycho clown guys are gonna get a serious beat down or shot/stabbed someday.

Reminds me of an unannounced “live shooter drill” we had. Before the actor could say it was a readiness drill, some infantry bubbas broke his wrist, bloodied his face and stabbed him a few times with a Leatherman Muliti-Tool. I think one of the guys actually tried to shoot him with his own gun, but it wasn’t loaded.

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A "Fire Challenge" dared people to put flammable liquid on their bodies then ignite it,

Why??? That's just insane!

pranks that cause children trauma, for example the fake death of a parent or severe abandonment,

people who do that should be imprisoned in a mental health institute.

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