YouTube creators will soon have to disclose use of gen AI in videos or risk suspension


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AI is clearly going to cause a TON of problems in so so many aspects of life, so glad I am not young, the future is going to get worse at an insane rate.....and its already been getting worse at alarming rates the last 2-3decades...

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Youtube is shady. They will back or ignore any rule that helps them make more money. There are examples of influencers what violate Google's rules all the time. So much so that other influencers make videos showing the rule violations, but Youtube will ignore it because that influencer makes so much money for the platform. I been reading about an influencer SSSniperwolf (Sexy...Wolf). She has copied other influencers, used other influencer's videos without permission, lied about her past, stole business from her husband, manipulated teenagers to exposed their bodies on videos, and doxxed other influencers on video. Then SSSniperwolf plays victim when she is exposed. Other Youtubers have been demonetized or banned for doing less or only one of all the things she be exposed for. However, she has been on Youtube for a decade with 30,000,000+ subscribers. She is like Trump when he was on Twitter.

The rules with AI on Youtube will be enforced based on who the culprit is.

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I have seen people on Youtube make some really cool AI generated trailers for fictional movies with AI generated images of real actors.

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YouTube now shows commercial after commercial on their site. If you don't have $5,000 a year to go commercial free, you're out of luck. Do you think YouTube will do the right thing or go for the money? One guess is all you get.

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