YouTube revamps much-criticized comments feed


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No idea why people still use youtube. Its nothing but trollinfested, crappy quality videos that recently have become unwatchable because youtube has implemented ads everywhere. Thanks but ill rather use vimeo.

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YouTube is great for British telly, a good uploader can have an episode up within a few hours of broadcast. You can also get entire seasons of a series without having to do anything. I really appreciate the site's benefits. However, the trolls are a blight worse than hemerrhoids (?). If this move will go to eradicating them, I'm all for it.

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This is not unique to Utube. Try looking at the comments on CNN or any other news organization.

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@maria without getting removed due to copyright infringement?

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@papigiulio - that can be a problem. There is one excellent uploader who is forever been shut down. He just comes back with a similar name. Programs will be removed. Channel 4 is always quick off the mark, the tight sods. But it depends what kind of programs you're after, as well.You won't find top dramas on there, but you will find 8 out of 10 Cats, QI, WILTY, HIGNFY, Bake-off, and Mock The week, going back to the first series. I just watched both series of Spaced, which I'd never seen before, and that was brilliant viewing, even if it is over a decade old.

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As long as they don't delete any comments without very good reasons. You sometimes have to wonder about the motivations of some of the sites that delete comments...

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Youtube comments are only a small step above most JapanToday comments...

And yes, i do see the irony in this comment.

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Heck, the user comments are the best thing on YouTube! Some comments have had me literally rolling on the floor.

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There is loads of great movie/TV content and some fabulous original video on YouTube, but its comments section generates a virtually non-moderated wild West of deranged and mean-spirited garbage.

The appalling state of the YouTube comments section makes me appreciate the moderated format of sites like Japan Today — even though there are times where moderators delete comments that seem quite pertinent and constructive, but leave others that should rightfully be removed (but its a tough call, I know). That aside, I appreciate the intelligent comments I see on JT from time to time and would not access the site if the comments were a free-for-all like YouTube.

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They haven't done anything up until now because the comments simply generate hits, and those hits can gather sponsors.

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Yeah, the moderation on Youtube seems pretty dismal, but with probably 100s of millions of comments each day, it's hard to take control. I've seen some videos with said disgusting comments, perverted, racist, misogynistic and otherwise, still left standing months and even years after they were made.

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Some people go too far with comments on youtube. Some of the hatred just amazes me.

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Well for one, if they had a moderator, then it wouldn't have gotten to the point it's at now with the rude comments, 2) if they fix the fact that Firefox 23,24 and IE9,10 can't play videos anymore, it's more like a hit or miss with them. Fix that!!!

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the only time I use youtube is pinpoint music clips and I don't bother reading any comments. Most of the comments that I have glanced at are mostly spam, propaganda for another youtube clip that just want ratings and a lot of nonsensical stuff that is not related to the clip.

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Do like youtube but recently The Simpsons videos are really weird, they are speaking way too fast and now instead of enjoying those cartoons for my kids, and yes ME, they are making me sick!

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What?! The comments section has always been the BEST thing about Youtube lol

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Last year, Wired magazine said YouTube was home to “the worst commenters on the Internet—racist, cruel, idiotic, nonsensical, and barely literate.”

So I'm guessing Wired doesn't know about 4chan?

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Comments, what comments?

Scroll scroll scroll

Oh, those comments! I've never noticed comments on YouTube, I go there for the videos not the comments, which are hidden off the bottom of the screen.

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Luckily we have someone monitoring our comments here that keep things from getting off subject or out of hand. I appreciate that and can tell my friends to not just read the story I am sending but also the comments.

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The comments section can be a good and bad thing. If you wish to get a quick critique of the program in question, it can be a godsend. That commentary has save me from wasting my time on subject matter that I find objectionable or uninteresting. Or you can just ignore all the hate-mongering in the comment section if it offends. Just disable your Adobe Reader add-on (within your browser) and viola', no more comments.

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I wouldn't upload anything on You Tube without making the comments approve only first, due to the trolls. Even if it means no comments at all its better than having to sift through the rants of loons and spewings of the 15 different identities used by single users bordering on a needed spell in a padded cell.

Getting into it in a bit more depth, I suspect a lot of You Tube channels and their comments are fake or astroturfed (call it what you will) by the real owner to attract business to their advertised products. Fac(k)ebook has been caught out on that via the UK Channel 4 News investigation ... same will go for a lot of other 'social media' websites I am sure.

Glad we have some originality here on JT ...

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Because of YouTube, I don't need satellite or cable. And who cares about the comments section unless you have young children perusing the comments? Ignore them and watch the movie, show, whatever...

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There is one excellent uploader who is forever been shut down.

You must mean Nick :)

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@gobshite - yes indeed! The lovely Nick, who perseveres.

To show how precarious an upload's existence is, the series Spaced I mentioned earlier, has now been removed - I was just in time. But hopefully it'll be back under another name.

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