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YouTube says 1 billion people visit per month


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I think I'd use You Tube three or four times a week for everything from watching documentaries and learning new guitar songs to repairing computers. It is a fantastic resource.

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Probably my most visited website. Considering there are concerts, sporting events, etc shown on there on a fairly regular basis already, perhaps it will replace tv channels as we know them one day? I'd take watching random stuff on Youtube over watching about 95% of what is shown on Japanese tv.

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You can watch full movie without downloading. ^_^

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“If YouTube were a country, we’d be the third largest in the world after China and India,” the team said.

Logical Fallacy unless Youtube has such a large audience excluding China and India.

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There's a lot of great stuff on YouTube, and a lot of garbage, lol.

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i visit everyday, i listen to music as i get my work done and I watch shoes uploaded as well

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It will double once people learn about the skull and bones society, the house of Rothschild, the Federal Reserve Bank, the New World Order, and the illuminati. It is all connected.

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More than a billion people use YouTube each month,

Yeah, but once you subtract all the weenies viewing "Gangam Style", it only amounts to about 1297 each month.

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"I visit every day; I listen to music as I get my work done, and I watch uploaded shows as well..."

@Akari: me too!

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just realized I spelled shows wrong.... @ 3RENSHO in my opinion its better than buying the songs on Itunes. I can save hundreds of dollars. My friends have over a thousand songs on their ITunes, and they have spend more than a thousand dollars on these songs! People don't actually realize how much they spend on the songs they download, but Youtube is virtually free!

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I've never been disappointed using YouTube so have no reason not to come back! Whenever I think "I wonder if I can find so and so on YouTube, I find it." Fantastic resource...

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I just got a DOJ virus from you tube, I was watching BB King album, when about the forth song, Department of Justice took over my computor and locked me out. Malbyte Malware got rid of it, but heads up...It's some kind of ransomware virus. But I love U-tube.

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