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YouTube sees accelerating growth despite strong competition


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YouTube sees accelerating growth despite strong competition

not strong competitors so far...but agreed, You tube will continue to enjoy good business.

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YouTube wants to be faster? YouTube wants to be better?

Could have fooled me. Every time Google does something to YouTube to make it faster or better or whatever, it breaks something and annoys its users and partners. Just look at the unwanted change to its comment service, the dumbing down of the pages, the bland channels, the broken suggestion system...

As one character has it; I hate being annoyed!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTq8TrA3hb4 (Warning: NSFW)

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Did everyone really sign up into Google+?

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Plus, if you want to watch anything of length, they have added commercial breaks every 10 minutes. Have to make that driverless car I guess.

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You do not need google plus.

I watch lots of historical and documentaries without commercials. Not sure what you people are complaining about.

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Seriously if I did not have an ad block software I could not stand watch a single video on youtube. Its ok to put an ad of 5-10 sec but those 3+ min ads which you cannot even skip are a huge turn off.

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If ya have a Youtube account, that's also your Google+ account. Same company.

But ya don't need it to watch Youtube (except those private or with age restrictions), but need it to comment.

Plus, if you want to watch anything of length, they have added commercial breaks every 10 minutes.

Add-on Adblock Plus extension

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Personally sick of all the Advertisements on Youtube. Also, they changed the "Block Replies" option and took it off of youtube and put it onto Google + for more views.

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The saving grace of YouTube is the fact it can now play back high-resolution, high frame rate videos easily if you have a fast enough Internet connection. A popular playback option now is 60 frames per second playback at 1080 lines progressive scan resolution--it's just amazingly sharp and clear.

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I never said that you had to have Google+ to watch YT videos. I survived the infuriating, repetitive prompts to change my screen name and open a Google+ account, putting it off each time until it stopped doing that (and I don't comment at all anymore) but that was just one example of a number of decisions made by Google that have had a negative effect on the YouTube site.

Excessive advertising is another problem - around the videos, before the videos, over the videos using banners. Yes, Adblock is one way out of this but it's an extreme measure. When I started on the Internet back in 96, the most you would normally expect on a site would be a panel in the header which you would normally read then move on. I'm sure that companies today would rather you just watch endless ads since they spend so much time and energy inserting them everywhere so that you struggle to get to the content that you actually want to watch!

And yes, my screen name there is the same as the one here. Seems that Google never realised that some folk try to identify themselves uniformly on whatever site they are on.

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Ads load in seconds, videos continue to chug. Been like this for years, and only getting worse...

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