YouTube to stream full-length movies, TV shows


YouTube says it is partnering with major studios to stream full-length movies and TV shows on its site for free.

The website owned by Google Inc says it is partnering on the initiative with Sony Pictures, CBS, MGM, Lionsgate, Starz and the BBC.

Advertising revenue will be shared with the content providers.

YouTube also says it will more broadly use video ads that play mid-stream in breaks on longer content.

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ugh...sounds like we're going to get full length movies with lots of commercial breaks. Might as well as turn on the TV.

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Great You tube-Google,way to go.

Great idea also on how to pay for them too via public adverts/public spending power money on advert products.

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um, hate to burst the media industry bubble, but if you can view it, you can record it too! Thanks for the free downloads

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i wonder if they will remove the 10 minute restriction on length of video uploads.. hard to find other sites that offer over 10mins.. googlevideo being the most obvious/only(?).. but they are shutting that down now and concentrating on youtube

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This is meaningless to those of us in Japan, because the "service is unavailable in your country."

Have to agree, if there are commercial breaks, then its just another TV channel without the TV. might as well just watch it on cable or rent it.

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If these guys can help us watch decent porn, with out the mozaic bs, YEAH!!! I am for it!!

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