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Zoom rolls out new measures as security fears mount

By Anthony WALLACE

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Zoom is a Chinese app. Never trust them ever. All Chinese businesses have to work with the CCP to be approved to start.

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I understand, I feel the same, but there’s really nothing that’s as good on the market for webinars, whiteboard sharing. Video sharing. Skype and WebEx just don’t cut as well

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Fhu, a Silicon Valley startup by an American citizen?

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I agree with @Zhu, although the Zoom app is owner by the Garner Group, the mainland Chinese influence is ever present. You want your app to be used in China, then you need to comply with their wishes... which may mean giving the CCP complete access to whatever data they wish.

Once the CCP goes, then Chinese IT Businesses will just be treated the same as American Silicon Valley ones (i.e. similar levels of distrust), but right now, simply being of Chinese origin is not a good thing, and I'd expect after the Corona virus situation quietens down, venture capital for organisations with Chinese individuals within them will dry up rapidly - too much risk, likewise all those free Games we're seeing coming from China on the Apple Store, will be removed.

It's not Xenophobia, but rather a distrust of Foreign State use of your information... just as Russia has been accused of MisInformation, China's CCP is taking things further...much further, so be aware!

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Google was founded by an immigrant to the USA, but not from China so I guess that is OK. Microsoft is run by an immigrant, but he is from India so I guess that is OK. 1/3 of Silicon Valley companies are run by immigrants. The posts above are nonsense. And Zoom is not owned by Garner Group, It is a public company. Wow. Where does this stuff come from?

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Zoom is a Chinese app.

No it’s not, Eric Yuan is an American citizen who worked for Cisco.

Never trust them ever.

Zoom usage surged over the last few months and they are trying to keep up. There are security issues for sure and I hope Zoom will resolve them soon.

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The bit about Zoom's ownership was wrong - sorry, misread the report. But, that said, the mainland influence upon Chinese Nationals is ever present. The State will threaten (and has done so before), relatives of high profile individuals, in order to get their way. So, anything with connection directly or indirectly to the CCP is a cause for concern. Once the CCP is gone, then matters should be a lot different.

The following presents a good list of what's available today:



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