Zuckerberg, Chan to invest up to $3.4 bil for science advances


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Buying votes???

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In China or US? Apple has already sold its sold to CCP!

Apple's Tim Cook signed $275 billion deal to placate China - The Information

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All sounds good and hopefully it will result in improvement in human health. But if there are strings attached such as Facebook censorship, Big Tech interference in the democratic process and vaccine or any other medical mandate then maybe no thanks.

I suggest caution. People like the Zuckerberg's tend to get rich by getting our money, then they 'charitably' donate it to 'help us' and then they usually demand that we bow to their every will because they are so 'generous' to us.

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Apparently, Mr. Zuckerberg failed to don his 'hoodie'.

As for buying votes, he prefers to purchase politicians wholesale - as an example, fellow Harvard alum, Mayor Peter who received a largess from Zuckerberg.

Most foundations belonging to billionaires are a means to preserve and control wealth. As for such megalomaniac claims as to 'end disease' by 2200 - he apparently ignores the impacts and the unfolding disaster that is climate change and to which he contributes on a large scale. Humanity will be but a relic at the end of the century.

CZI, announced Tuesday its new effort is aiming to “observe, measure, and analyze any biological process throughout the human body — across spatial scales and in real time.” That's amusing and intrusive. Will they be mining or cloning parts?

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Looks like we will see Meta bots in the future!

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If Bill Gates has taught us anything, it's that rich people trying to help humanity with their massive wealth will result in a significant number of people proclaiming they are the most evil human being who ever lived and [insert conspiracy theory here].

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Why not be generous indeed ?

Kind of charity gesture aimed to medical sciences.

I take it.

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