Zuckerberg eyes mobile focus after Facebook IPO flop


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When he was running FB for its own sake - to be the biggest and best social network - is when it worked best, and when he was most successful.

When he started changing things around for profit, it all became less so.

I hope FB doesn't morph too much or disappear altogether - all in all, it's a good thing.

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Yeah, I think Facebook is a really good thing, too.

They do need to improve their mobile platform. It's lacking and each of their updates on mobile seem to make it slower and worse.

I'm glad to hear that they're going to expend more effort on this aspect of their site.

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The IPO didn't flop, it was over hyped by the media if anyone actually had read Zuckerburg's letter to investers he points out that facebook has no where but to go at the moment but down because they will be focusing on mobile.

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If only facebook fixed their privacy settings it would be a LOT better. But yeah what Maria said, zuckerberg focussed more on profit than userfriendlyness recently.

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FB is ridiculous, especially when used by people to "inform" their friends of their every waking moment and thought and bowel movement. . Maybe this silly fad is finally wearing off.

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The official existence of FB may be of interest for some people, it can be fun for others... The most interesting thing in FB lies in its unofficial existence.

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