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Oil and gas industry hops on generative AI bandwagon

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Away from the Microsoft and Googles of the world, a century-old industry -- oil and gas -- is hoping that generative artificial intelligence will make producing petroleum more efficient and easier on its workforce. Long before the current craze surrounding generative AI (Gen AI), the energy sector employed traditional artificial… Read


Japan enacts law ensuring access to third-party apps


Japan on Wednesday enacted legislation to ensure tech giants like Google and Apple give access to third-party smartphone apps and payment systems on their platforms or risk major fines. Similar to the European Union's new Digital Markets Act, the law mandates that they act fairly and make operating systems, browsers… Read


Faking an honest woman: Why Russia, China and Big Tech all use faux females to get clicks


When disinformation researcher Wen-Ping Liu looked into China's efforts to influence Taiwan's recent election using fake social media accounts, something unusual stood out about the most successful profiles. They were female, or at least that's what they appeared to be. Fake profiles that claimed to be women got more engagement,… Read


Visa's Mark Nelsen wants to make your plastic credit card obsolete


Mark Nelsen, Visa’s global head of consumer payments, sees a world where the plastic card in your wallet becomes increasingly obsolete and the standard 16-digit account number becomes worthless. Nelson spoke to The Associated Press about what Visa, the world's largest payment processor, is changing to payment processing in the… Read


Elon Musk drops lawsuit against OpenAI and Sam Altman


Elon Musk on Tuesday dropped his lawsuit against OpenAI and its co-founders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman for betraying the startup's founding mission. In a California court, Musk had accused the AI firm he helped set up in 2015 of breaching a commitment to creating artificial intelligence that benefits society… Read


Apple Pay will have more payment options this fall and will also welcome Windows, Chrome users

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Apple Inc. plans to add several new features to Apple Pay and Apple Wallet later this year that will more deeply integrate financing, rewards, and buy now, pay later options into the iPhone. The new features are part of Apple's annual iOS update that will arrive in the fall, the… Read


Facebook owner Meta seeks to train AI model on European data as it faces privacy concerns


Meta wants to use data from users in privacy-conscious Europe to train its artificial intelligence models, the social media giant said as it faces concerns about data protection while battling to keep up with rivals like OpenAI and Google. The company, which owns Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, said that in… Read


Google to test AI phone theft features in Brazil


Google said Tuesday it has chosen Brazil, a country where nearly two cell phones are pilfered every minute, to test a new artificial intelligence system to automatically block stolen Android smartphones. Brazilian users, the tech giant said in a blog, will now have access to features such as a private… Read


Apple partners with OpenAI as it unveils 'Apple Intelligence'


Apple on Monday unveiled "Apple Intelligence," its suite of new AI features for its coveted devices -- including a partnership with OpenAI -- as it seeks to catch up to rivals racing ahead on adopting the white hot technology. For months, pressure has been on Apple to persuade doubters on… Read


Tunisian all-women's team eye inventors' prize for smart wheelchair


A smart wheelchair system built by a team of young Tunisian women engineers has reached the finals for a prestigious European inventors' prize, setting a hopeful precedent in a country embroiled in multiple crises. Their project, Moovobrain, allows wheelchair users to move through a choice of touchpad, voice command, facial… Read

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