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Art becomes form of protest against Tokyo Olympics


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Art protests save the nation, not the games.

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I will buy anti 2021 olympic merchandise and art but also pro 2022 Olympic merchandise.

going to make my own polo’s today.

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You call this art? Seriously?

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Art is not a mirror, it's a hammer!

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@Pierre LeVenerableJune 18  09:49 am JST

but Blue Poles and Basquiat's scribbles are art, right? because the arbiters of taste told you they are.

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Overlooked your ART opinion & comments in reply @TomGill**** Jun23  2:24pm:

- “…excellent points, snowy. Indeed the blue sphere is not a good choice for these pandemic times. Not only does it have that spreading feeling, but also bears quite a strong similarity to a close-up picture of a Coronavirus. That is due largely to the fact that it is so very similar to the official Olympics logo, pictured right below it on the display board…so similar as to make one wonder what the point of this new image is…

In retrospect, *we can now see the above Jun 18 ‘protest’ article was a precursor to the Jun23 “official“ Olympic posters unveiling and to further disparage and discredit the Number One Shinbun’s parody of the Tokyo logo before the “official” posters release**. *

- “… and that image in turn is so similar to a virus image that the Number One Shinbun could not resist parodying it, resulting in a huge row. - -

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan removed a parody drawing that uses the Tokyo Olympic logo combined with features of the COVID-19 virus from their website after “receiving a demand for withdrawal” from the organizing committee.

Just more collusion to aid the the continuance of the Games.

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