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Tokyo Olympic torch relay scheduled to begin in one month — without cheering


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**Mustis too strong a word. In Japan, we think they mean ‘**urge’.

*"They must support with applause or* by using distributed goods **rather shouting or cheering*,"

Plus, What are the ‘approved’ items? den-den daiko (でんでん太鼓)? Giant foam ‘fingers’?

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how depressing

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It's time to wake up. It's almost march. Vaccinations have barely started. There is absolutely no strategy in the long run. The more this agony prolongs, the more money (ours) will be wasted. I'd even say, it would be better to waste them in hostess clubs than this/Olympics

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What if they held an Olympics and nobody showed up?

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Thomas Bach saying yesterday a ruling on whether to allow foreign spectators could come in April or May.

Sooner is better. It is trip of a lifetime for some and making plans within 3 months is not easy.

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Watch on TV and you can get great photos from the screening

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Communist-like policies leaking into developed countries now. Not good.

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Spectators will be allowed to line the route when the Tokyo Olympic flame begins its delayed relay across Japan next month, organizers said Thursday, but cheering will be strictly banned.

That is so strange, abnormal on how many levels.

Are organizers seriously going to insist the police intervene?

"Hello, Hello, Hello, your daughter is displaying elevated emotional spirits, I have the reason to suspect a case of enjoyment".

"Officer, Rei is just five years old".

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Better to have robots on the side of the road.

What happen if I cheer, a natural way to support for humans ? Arrested ?

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No cheers for the Olympics.

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hmmm again...?

how many weeks or media Tokyo olympics "torture" have left?

dont you get that there are much more important things to do right now?

right now?


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Pathetic and grotesk.

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... but cheering will be strictly banned.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Last month, organizers of the 97th Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden road relay asked that spectators refrain from attending in person to cheer on runners from the roadside, but groups of fans did turn out along the route and cheer.

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I can't wait for the olympics! All the screamers cheering on the Olympic Torch runners! Finally we will be able to redeem our "Go to Grave" voucher!

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Olympics will be a reminder of how badly handled was the pandemic.

And Japan surge in infections will be there greatest world record.

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They must support with applause or by using distributed goods...

Where do I just know that from? Yes, now I remember... We had to do exactly that in former communist countries, when there were parades or the leaders visited the town. ROFL

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I say line up cardboard cutouts and sex dolls along the streets. There will be an illusion of a crowd, but none of the dangers. Then you pump in an artificial soundtrack of crowd noise. WIN - WIN!

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crash test dummy:

Communist-like policies leaking into developed countries now.

If you're talking about Jpn, then communist-like policies have always existed. This has been the most successful communist country.

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I say line up cardboard cutouts and sex dolls along the streets.

One can only wish, but the more they do the more it seems the purpose is to waste the efforts in controlling the pandemic.

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The local politicians will be well up for this.

They want to see their country pick up all of the golds much like someone did in their country back in 1936.

Did you see how the media reacted after Naomi's Australian Open win?

When Japan sweeps every single medal at Tokyo 2021 the local politicians will lap it up.

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Very silly action, just satisfying self egos.

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When Japan sweeps every single medal at Tokyo 2021 the local politicians will lap it up.

At this rate they will sweep every medal because nobody else will be willing to come here.

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If/When the Tokyo Games are cancelled, will there still be a ceremonial ‘run; a lighting; (an extinguishing)’?

If/When cancelled, will there be ‘a flyover’ enroute to Paris or, back to Greece?

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OK, No cheering, can we "boo" instead ?

I seriously don't want an influx of Covid Carriers into this Country - that's exactly why the UK has the worst Covid infection situation within the World !!! The majority of the British Population have become Morons of late - Newspapers depict them as wanting/needing to take Global vacations during a Pandemic! ??!

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WOW! No cheering!! What a somber moment. It must be an Olympic funeral procession! Just wave white hankies!!

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Who cares don’t knock yourself out on the stage from China virus covid

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Anyone for Crowdfunding T2 Lookalike Olympic Robotic helpers ?

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But the relay will be a much more sober affair than usual.

You think?!?

Spectators will be allowed to watch the flame pass, but will be required to wear masks, avoid crowding, and only attend segments of the relay near their home.

You can address the crowding by NOT going through with the Olympics this summer!

"They must support with applause or by using distributed goods rather than by shouting or cheering,"

Wow! You'd think this was being hosted in North Korea!

"Individual relay segments will be suspended if there is a risk of overcrowding," the guidelines add.

see and insert my second comment from above

Attendance at celebration venues along portions of the route will be by reservation only to limit numbers,

(( OMG ))

and information on which torchbearers will run which sections of the route will be released only at the last minute to avoid crowds gathering to watch celebrity runners.

I'm sure there are going to be many people waiting anxiously to learn where and when it will be announced.

In all seriousness - WHY is Japan still being so stubborn about this? They more effort you put into this, the more money is being thrown away. Face it Japan -- the Summer Olympics is a no-go. Cut your losses now and help your country (and the world) recover from this pandemic! Use the Olympic stadium and village to help administer the vaccines so people are not having to be crammed into hospitals and clinics. That, to me, would be much more of an event watch than a forced Olympic.

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